Breastfeeding Made Easy

The Spoobie is a short-term breastfeeding spoon designed to help newborn infants latch quickly and calmly to the breast.

Get Baby Back On Track

Infant Friendly

Spoobie is Unique

Expert Design

Grooved ‘lip’ promotes full tongue extension.

Display to easily and accurately measure volumes.

Protective stand prevents contamination and can hang on a cup.

Dishwasher (top rack) safe, FDA medically approved plastic, BPA free!

Clear view of infant face while feeding, allowing for eye contact with parent.

Inexpensive! $$$

Designed for Parents


spoobie spoonAllows for immediate visualization of breast milk and measurable supplemental volumes.

spoobie spoonProvides a sturdy, firm grip to maintain control during a newborn’s unpredictable movements.

spoobie spoonWhen placed in a horizontal position, the spoon remains semi-elevated to keep milk clean and securely in the barrel, …or hang it securely on the side of a glass.

spoobie spoonMinimize time between expressing and feeding. Nothing to set up, simply ‘grab-n-go’.

Minimize the space between feedings in the hours following delivery.

Offer small volume pre-feeds to calm and coordinate suckling effort.

Provide extra volume to the baby who lost too much weight in the early days of life.

Give a rapid sugar boost to infants who need it, or for the baby who needs extra calories for growth.

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