Spoobie Demonstration


The Spoobie™ is a breastfeeding friendly spoon designed to facilitate the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding. The unique grooved lip provides a structured and direct path for the infant’s tongue. The curvature conforms to the natural curve of the infant’s lip/gum line, allowing for full, unobstructed tongue extension. Conditioning the tongue to extend out as far as possible creates a better breastfeeder and helps mom make more milk.

Holding Spoon

Spoon UpSpoon Down

Instructions to fill:

Colostrum: Hold Spoobie with open end of spoon facing upward, directly under nipple.

Mature Milk: Hold Spoobie directly over nipple, spoon side down and perform normal hand expression.


Instructions to feed:

  1. Gently tip spoon so that breast mink flows into the spoon reservoir.
  2. Bring Spoobie under infant's nose and allow him to smell breast milk.
  3. Observe infant's tongue passing through channel to 'lap' up milk.


  1. Mature milk is thin and may flow quickly from tube to spoon. Tilt spoon to maintain flow of milk into spoon reservoir.
  2. Hold Spoobie as you would a pencil, between thumb and forefinger, right below reservoir.
  3. Reputable websites to learn hand expression technique:
    1. https://med.stanford.edu/newborns/professional-education/breastfeeding/hand-expressing-milk.html
    2. https://breastfeedingusa.org/content/article/hand-expression
    3. https://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/pumping/hand-expression